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Vendor Software and Services

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Common Namesort descending Standard Name Vendor Vendor Software URL
Amber org.ambermd.amber Aber community
AMIE org.xsede.amie XSEDE
Community Software Repository (CSR) org.xsede.csr XSEDE
Confluence com.atlassian.confluence Atlassian
Duo Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) com.duo DUO
Environment Modules net.sourceforge.modules Modules Open Source Project
Gaussian 16 com.gaussian.gaussian16 Gaussian Inc.
Genesis II edu.virginia.genesis2 University of Virginia
Genesis II Secure Token Service (WS-Trust STS) edu.virginia.genesis.sts University of Virginia
Globus Globus
Globus Auth org.globus.auth Globus
Globus Auth ID Explorer org.globus.globus-id-explorer Globus
Globus Connect org.globus.connect Globus
Globus Groups org.globus.groups Globus
Globus Sharing org.globus.sharing Globus
Globus Toolkit org.globus.toolkit Globus Alliance
Globus Toolkit GRAM Service org.globus.gram Globus
Globus Toolkit GridFTP Service org.globus.gridftp Globus
Globus Transfer org.globus.transfer Globus
GSI OpenSSH edu.illinois.ncsa.gsi_openssh NCSA