XSEDE National Integration Toolkit (XNIT)

Suppose you already have a cluster that you are happy with and you want to add too it software tools that will allow users to use open sources software like that on XSEDE, or other particular pieces of software that you think are important, but you don't want to blow up your cluster to add that capability? XNIT is for you. You can add all of the basic software that is in SCBC, as relocatable RPMs (Resource Package Manger), via a YUM repo . (YUM Stands for Yellowdog Updater, Modified).

XSEDE-Compatible Basic Cluster (XCBC)

The XSEDE-Compatible Basic Cluster (XCBC) software toolkit enables campus CI resource administrators to build a local cluster from scratch, which is then easily interoperable with XSEDE-supported CI resources. XCBC is very simple in concept: pull the lever, have a cluster built for you complete with an open source resource manager / scheduler and all of the essential tools needed to run a cluster, and have those tools set in place in ways that mimic the basic setup on an XSEDE-supported cluster .

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