CILogon is an InCommon service provider, part of the XSEDE architecture, that provides a proxy service from SAML to OIDC and X.509, allowing XSEDE users to log on with their campus identities to access X.509-based services (like GridFTP) and OIDC-based services (like Globus).

Globus Auth

Globus Auth is a foundational identity and access management (IAM) platform service, used for brokering authentication and authorization interactions between end-users, identity providers, resource servers (services), and clients (including web, mobile, desktop, and command line applications, and other services).

OAuth for MyProxy (OA4MP)

OAuth for MyProxy provides an OAuth-compliant REST web interface to the MyProxy service for providing user certificates to science gateways. It eliminates the need for users to disclose their MyProxy passwords to science gateways. Instead, gateway users authenticate to their MyProxy server's OAuth web interface to approve issuance of a certificate by MyProxy to the science gateway they are using.

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