XCI-691 Launch Review Feedback

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XCI-691 Launch Review Feedback

Please post plan comments and suggestions as replies to this message.

Delivery Effort Stage: 

I approve of the current effort as described for the Phase 1/beta stage. (I'm assuming that the deliverables and schedule apply only to Phase 1.) It doesn't appear RAS effort will be required for the first phase.

Yes, the XCI-757 schedule is only for phase 1/beta. We were interested in RAS participation so that we have a more solid foundation (RAS awareness of the solution) by the time we get to phase 2. We are also doing a user story, use case, and delivery plan review for all the phases in the next couple of months.

I approve of this activity. SysOps can provide someone to test (TBD) and set up the reservation for 1 year for the required AWS instances. 

Looks good to me for phase 1.  I'm sure we'll have plenty of questions about the details of phase 2 when we get there.

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