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User profile feature

When I login, I'm taken to a user profile page and given options to make changes.

1) The "Manage Display" link shows me an Access Denied page. Why was I given a link?

2) The "HybridAuth" link shows a page with an empty table, saying "You don't have any identities yet." This doesn't seem useful. Why am I shown the link?

3) The "Connected accounts" link shows my XSEDE identity and a big button to disconnect from it. What would happen if I click the button? Is this useful? How hard would it be to recover if I clicked the button? Is it possible to connect any other identities? Does this relate to the HybridAuth page? Should I even be seeing this page?

4) The "Edit" link displays a page where I can change my username, email address, password, or status and add a picture.

a) I added a picture, but I don't see anywhere on the site where it shows up. Are there places where it's used? Might be helpful to give a brief explanation letting folks know how the picture will be used? I'd like to know where to go on the site to see how it looks.

b) If I change my username, will it mess things up for me on the site? How much work would it take to recover if I did? Is it useful for me to have this option? (If it wouldn't hurt anything to change it, I guess it doesn't matter much. But if it has the potential to mess things up, perhaps we shouldn't be giving users the interface to do it?)

c) What happens if I change my status from Active to Blocked? An explanation would be helpful, especially if there's a danger of messing up my account.

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Hi Lee,

Thank you very much for all of your feedback! Regular users are not given the ability to edit their accounts - you had special permission to administer users. I don't think you need that permission anymore since we have finalized how users are created. I removed that permission so you can see what a regular user sees now. 

In the future, if we decide to add user profile fields (like institution, department, etc) or show user profile information (like pictures) in site content, we can develop finer grain controls that allow users to edit their own profiles without changing OpenID login fields (username, real name, or email). 


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