Usage documentation for software in CSAs

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Usage documentation for software in CSAs

Some of the communities have (or might develop) detailed documentation on the software available via CSAs. Do we want to give them an option to link from an XSEDE page? We do this for Science Gateways ( but I am not sure if the same is needed here. I did get documentation content for one of our CSA areas so this will probably come up. 


CSA owners that put software information in module files can have that information published by SPs to enable CSA software discovery in the XUP and Research Software Portal search interfaces. One of the module file fields is "URL" which can point to software documentation. This gives the CSA owner the flexibility to use any of the many online software documentation services, and makes XSEDE only responsible for enabling software discovery and not for hosting or maintaining related documentation.

I recommend this approach since it gives CSA owners a lot of flexibility on where to host their documentation and doesn't make XSEDE responsible for providing a service where there are many other excellent options.


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