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Unexpected menu behavior

When I click "Products" in the main menu, I get a landing page that lists all of the products, from which I can navigate to whichever one I like. This make sense.

When I click "Communities" or "Life-cycle" in the main menu, I am taken to the portal's home page. This isn't what I expected, and it isn't clear that I'm supposed to scroll down to get to the right section. I'd expect to either get a landing page (as happens with Products) or at least have the home page scroll to the appropriate section.

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Interesting, I had never tried to click on the pull-down category. How about if we disable clicking on the category label to make it clearer that these pull-downs are a way to jump to a specific community or life cycle area (items in the pulldown)?

What it's actually doing now is scrolling to that section of the main page.


Thanks Lee! We decided to change the navigation links so the "Communities" and "Life cycle" top level items scroll to the appropriate places on the home page. Later we can work on adding descriptive landing pages for those sections (like the "products" page) if it makes sense.

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