Test 6 Edge Case not acting as suggested

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Test 6 Edge Case not acting as suggested

So for this test: 

Test 6: Add a new resource without an xsede resource id


  1. Create any type of resource, leaving xsede resource id blank, but affiliation as XSEDE
  2. Upon completion of step 2/2, click ‘Accounting’ on the left hand side menu


  • User should not see an error but see a message saying that Editing the Accounting information is not available to resources without an xsede resource id

In step 1/2, I'm not given a box into which I can enter Affiliation. And I get an error "Errors while saving. See errors below" but nothing below is highlighted in red to be an error. I 

I can't get to step 2/2 so can't see a menu on the left hand side.

Screen shot available 



So I ran through this test again with Liz watching my screen and I didn't have Organization filled in.  When I got the error, the error message said "see below" and i couldn't see any errors.  Well, Organization had an asterisk * next to it which indicates a required field.  When I filled in the Organization field, I was able to move to Step 2 and complete the test.  

Tests 7 & 8 are also complete.  Google doc shared with Shava and JP.  



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