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Sheet summary

FWIW - I created a google sheet to summarize the projects to assist with my evaluation.

I assumed the 12 person month effort in CDP for DM-05 thru DM-10 is aggregrate and not per UC.

I did not see an effort for DM-11 in its CDP.



Hi Emre, those are both good observations.  Yes, you're correct that the 12 person-months for DM-05 through DM-10 is the TOTAL for all six of these related use cases. The estimate is for the technology readiness assessment, which involves identifying candidate services that XSEDE could user or partner with, researching and trying out the few that seem most likely, and producing a report with a recommendation and initial plan for integrating one or more of the services.

We weren't able to put together the effort estimate for DM-11 in time for the review.  Of the "remaining issues" that need to be resolved to support the use cases, the first two (proposing a mechanism and enabling SPs to publish their grace period) are pretty small: they total 2-4 person weeks. The piece we don't have a reliable estimate for is the third remaining issue: maintaining user certificates in the authentication service during the grace period. There's a policy change involved there as well as the technical implementation.

I noted this in your spreadsheet, but I'll copy it here in case any other UREP members are curious. 

Regarding RC-04, I think the reason it appears to require no work (the CDP shows it fully supported) is that the proposed implementation for RC-03 and SPI-08 will result in this use case "just working" without further changes. In other words, when service providers publish the contents of their CSAs, software from CSAs (marked as such) will appear in search results alongside SP-installed software without any further changes to the searching system.  So it won't require work beyond what's already proposed for RC-03 and SPI-08.

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