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review comments

As the testing environment, Google Chrome browser (Version 75.0.3770.100 (Official Build) (64-bit)) on MacBook Pro (macOS Mojave Version: 10.14.5) and curl (Version: 7.19.7) tool on (CentOS release 6.6) were used for testing.

I reviewed four documents provided. All of documents are well-described and all of testing went well without any issues.

Here is the link,, for my review comments with testing.



Could you please

1) Articulate the need and use for xdusage command in the context of gateway attribute reporting

2) Clairfy the issue with software attribute reporting.

Thanks for the review

Hi Amit,

Choonhan and I've already discussed and I'm addressing his comments in the doc and test plan.  I'll send tomorrow next steps.


Hi Amit,

Like Shava mentioned the above, we have already done this.

Thank you,

Choonhan Youn

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