Products: use cases, delivery priorities, and delivery plans

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Products: use cases, delivery priorities, and delivery plans

The products section has three different "products" listed that are actually all about use cases: (1) use case registry, (2) delivery priorities, and (3) delivery plans and status. This seems unnecessarily complex. We added these three bits of information at different times, but now that they're all there, it would probably be more useful to everyone if they were refactored into a single product that offers all of these pieces in a unified "Use Case Registry" interface. 

Instead of dropping the user directly into a database view, the Use Case Registry should have a landing page that explains what a use case is, how it relates to software, where use cases come from, etc., then offers ways to view the contents. (See below.)

The Use Case Registry should allow the user to find/view/navigate use cases. (See below.) When viewing a use case, the registry should provide seamless access to all of the information about the use case: description pieces, prioritization pieces, and delivery plans/status pieces. Users should be able to inspect the information about the use case (description fields, prioritization ratings, delivery plans/stats) without needing to know how they're stored in our database.

For viewing the registry (e.g., navigating use cases), the following seem most useful:

  1. Basic uses - Browse use cases
    1. by category (high-level category, mid-level category, individual use cases)
    2. by user type (like Note: "primary beneficiary" isn't accurate, because we actually list *all* the intended beneficiaries and don't specify which one is primary.
    3. by software (begin with a list of software packages and find the related use cases)
  2. Advanced use - Faceted search, aka "filter" use cases
    1. by keyword (use use case table)
    2. by priority (use ratings tables)
    3. by organization (use CDP table)
    4. by user type (use use case table)
    5. by implementation status (use CDP table)
    6. by software (use cases implemented by specific software packages, using the CDP table)


Delivery Effort Stage: 

I filled out a page summary for the Use Case Registry landing page described above. It contains notes on the views of the use case registry that would be most useful and future directions.

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