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Learn More link on home page

On the portal home page, there is a LEARN MORE link under "Accelerating discovery through software & services." In fact, the whole area seems to be a link. 

The page that's linked doesn't seem like a good explanation of the site. The first paragraph is about XSEDE, not the Research Software Portal.  The explanation should focused on the portal, and it can refer to XSEDE if necessary.

The rest of the page is just a list of links using the old CSR structure, and doesn't add anything to the explanation. This page should have a longer explanation of what the RSP is for (purpose, goals, intended users) and how each content area supports the goals. If necessary, it could also mention the team working on the RSP and the content provider teams.

Delivery Effort Stage: 

Agreed. This was suppose to be a totally different page that we haven't had time top prepare. One of us need to write a page explaining how the portal helps accelerate discovery using software and services. You would you would do a good job writing that page, if you would like to volunteer? If not, maybe Shava or JP can.

We might already have text that describes the Research Software Portal. Whatever happened to the planning document you created that had the mission, vision, etc. and that many of us commented on? Might that be a good starting point?

Hi Lee,

I changed the "Learn more" link to a new placeholder page that links to the planning document with the mission and vision you mentioned. Would you be willing to take a stab at drafting content for that page? You have permission to edit it directly. Otherwise, JP said he could could give it a try.


I've edited https://software.xsede.org/about and I think it's reasonably ok, at least for a first version. Let me know if you want me to change or add anything else.

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