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GSISSH Usage stats

Victor, JP and Shava,

I am currently specifying auditd in the design doc for gathering gsissh invocations along with the arguments to capture info on GSISSH services being accessed from the Hub.

Jim has suggested looking at the Globus usage stats as an alternative. Is XSEDE capturing Globus usage stats currently?



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XSEDE is collecting Globus usage stats. I was recently given access to the server and see what appears to be GSI OpenSSH usage records like:

<binary_stuff_removed> SSH_VER="OpenSSH_7.5p1b-GSI NMOD_3.19-hpn14v13 GSI" SSL_VER="OpenSSL 1.0.1e-fips 11 Feb 2013" METHOD=gssapi-keyex MECH=GSI

I believe these would be server usage records and not client ones.

Are you thinking that Globus usage records might be better than ssh logs?


Thanks for the info, JP. Only the server reports Globus usage stats, and also only when configured to do so. Looking at the record you posted, it doesn't appear to be useful since there's no indication of the client identity to get stats on connections from the SSO hub, so I am inclined to rely on the auditd logs on the hub. Still it might be interesting to parse Globus usage stats for gsissh usage stats.

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