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The document says that Access to a resource to install and maintain software requires an XSEDE allocation. This makes sense, but should the document also reflect what happens with the CSA when the allocation ends?. Is that up to the SPs?. If the project gets renewed, do users have to re-install any software under the CSA again? etc. 

I agree with this comment.  I'm also wondering if there should be an annual email to CSA support contacts and ask them to verify in the RSP they are still maintaining the software and if not, provide them with information on how to retire their CSA software.

We aren't proposing a mechanism for XSEDE to track what CSA areas exist on which resources. To address this concern I've added the following to the desgin in "E.2.13 Usage Tracking":

XSEDE recommends that SPs contact the owners of CSAs on their resources at least annually to verify that CSA contents are being maintained and that CSA areas are still needed.

Addressing this under "E.1. Assumptions and Dependencies" with this point:

When an allocation associated with a CSA expires, SPs may choose to delete a CSA after notifying the owner

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