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Comments on v1.1 document

Version 1.1 looks good to me.  The revised login steps and workflow diagram from Lee are helpful.  My comments are below:

1) Remove the following text at the bottom of p.11: "The below flow diagram shows the typical flows:"

2) On p.12, perhaps clarify "The below flow diagram from Lee Liming, shows the various flows” by rewording to "The diagram below illustrates the various paths a user might take to login to XSEDE applications with Globus Single Sign-On”.  Add “Courtesy of Lee Liming” under the diagram.

3) The following nine sections are empty and I think should be removed if no text is added:
E.1. Assumptions and Dependencies
E.2.1. Hardware/Software Environment
E.2.7. Data repository and distribution requirements
E.2.9. Memory and other capacity limitations 
E.2.10. Performance requirements
E.2.11. Network communications
E.2.13. Usage tracking
E.2.14. Other means of addressing quality goals
G.1. [interfaces with other systems]

4) Section G. notes "that programmable interfaces should be described in “Interfaces/Exports” above”.  I didn't see a section called “Interfaces/Exports”.

5) Section G.2. should be updated with new text, including using "Globus Single Sign-On" instead of "XSEDE Single Sign-On"

6) It would be helpful to get agreement on text below the sign-on button. My preference is "Globus accepts XSEDE or linked campus credentials. What is Globus Single Sign-On? Contact in case of issues."

7) Remove question at bottom of page 4 (Perhaps Globus Auth can be called...a “Federated Single Sign-On” authentication system...) as it is already included as #7 in section E.2.15. Issues for discussion

Delivery Effort Stage: 

Thanks for the review and comments, Kate. Since you have experience with Drupal, I am curious about what you think of the suggestions in the below thread, as well. Thanks.

Applied the suggested changes to v1.2. Thanks.

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