clarification on resource_name and api_id

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clarification on resource_name and api_id

The test plan says to use a different api_id from the resource_name we will impersonate.

The api_id field in the xdusage.conf file should be set to some unique client machine name or user name that is NOT the resource_name. For example: set api_id to “susan.testing.machine” or “galen.testing.user”.

I assume that means we will use an api_key associated with the api_id but just want to verify that assumption.  Also, since the install instructions state that the resource_name and api_id should match I'm assuming that if they don't, it won't actually cause a query to fail?


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Yes, the api_id you use for testing will be associated with the api_key that you generate. You want the resource_id to point to a real machine like ""

The resource_name and api_id not matching should not cause any errors or failed queries. Report it if it does.


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