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Amy's feedback

On Oct 10, 2017, at 4:49 PM, Schuele, Amy M <> wrote:


I’d like to suggest that we put this effort into the A3M Backlog and use that process to determine the prioritization 
of this effort.  I’d also like to use this opportunity to have another developer on the A3M team become familiar with 
this particular API so they can assist in the support in the future.

I see that there is only .2 person/weeks.  So, the estimate to make the modifications is a day?  Am I interpreting
this correctly?  

Thanks for the info!

Delivery Effort Stage: 

Yes, that is our initial assessment of the effort required on the API side. If this is unrealistic please provide an alternate estimate.


From the email thread:

Dave's question: "Just a side note: While I understand the general objective, are those who will be tasked with the work clear on what is supposed to happen?

Most of the comments seem to list options, not a definitive course of action.

E.g., there are two options for recording usage, with neither selected that I can see, and general notions to "improve" installation. 

There also seems to be at least one undefined, not-yet-existing component, the "usage collector" and/or "XSEDE usage repository". Is that to be created by Peter as part of this?

Or am I jumping ahead and these are the sorts of questions that will be addressed first in the process?"

JP's response: "We've already shared more specifics about the improvements with Peter. Per the plan, Shava/JP will setup the XSEDE usage repository. Peter and the API operator will need to decide which options makes the most sense and implement that option to send usage information to the repository."

Based on this conversation, I'd think that one day of effort is probably underestimated.  I'd think the design and collaboration with the repository would take a day, at least.

While I'm not sure what the estimate would be, I would guess a week for the entire project, from the A3M point of view, for design, implementation and testing would be more accurate.  Still not a large undertaking, but more than a day.

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