Expanding XSEDE Software Capabilities through Community Collaboration


By expanding software based capabilities XSEDE can enable and accelerate the research and education goals of XSEDE users.

This page details XSEDE's open invitation to the following communities to collaborate and make software offerings available across XSEDE:

  • Software developers
  • SaaS developers and operators
  • Research infrastructure projects
  • XSEDE SPs, and
  • non-XSEDE and campus service providers

Examples of potential collaborations:

  • Improving support for containers or VM based applications
  • Improving support for programming environments like Python, anaconda, R, Jupiter notebooks, R Studio, Julia, etc.
  • Support for web interfaces to applications that are not traditional gateways
  • Integration of other community software efforts (such as biocontainers)
  • Integration of software based services (SaaS)

NOTE: XSEDE allocated projects that need help porting, scaling, or running their own applications should instead contact XSEDE's ECSS team for assistance per instructions found here.


Potential collaborators can e-mail help@xsede.org a brief collaboration proposal with:

Subject: Expanding XSEDE Software - Collaboration Proposal


  • Name of infrastructure, service, or software
  • URL to infrastructure, service, or software (if available)
  • Collaboration point of contact e-mail
  • Earliest date this collaboration could start
  • Brief collaboration summary including:
    • which existing XSEDE users/communities will most benefit from the software capability
    • which potentially new XSEDE users/communities would use XSEDE if this proposal moved forward
    • summary of the software capability (no more than half a page).


Within 2 weeks of submitting your proposal XSEDE will communicate with your point of contact to discuss proposal details and to provide your team with a single XSEDE point of contact to work with.

Proposal collaborations will be evaluated by XSEDE leadership based on potential benefit, available resources, and other factors:

  • Collaboration requiring significant XSEDE effort will be prioritized yearly by XSEDE's User Requirements Evaluation and Prioritization "UREP" team in the November to December timeframe
  • All appropriate XSEDE program areas will be involved in the collaboration