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[#XCI-829] Create GCSv5 "external mapping program" to authorize via xsede_user_mapfile

[XCI-829] Create GCSv5 "external mapping program" to authorize via xsede_user_mapfile Created: 01/27/2021  Updated: 04/21/2021  Resolved: 04/21/2021

Status: Closed
Project: XSEDE Cyberinfrastructure Integration
Component/s: Globus Connect Server
Fix Version/s: PY10 (Sep '20 - Aug '21)

Type: Task Priority: Critical
Reporter: Eric Blau Assignee: Eric Blau
Resolution: Done Votes: 0

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XSEDE Priority: -
Public activity link: https://software.xsede.org/display/xci-829
Track status in meeting: yes


GCSv5 requires an external mapping program to be able to use the xsede_user_mapfile.

It can be based on the example program at https://docs.globus.org/globus-connect-server/v5.4/identity-mapping-guide/#recipe_mapping_external_program
but will need distribution and configuration instructions


There are comments for XCI-829 that can be viewed with XSEDE authentication.