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[#XCI-765] Create and review Group Management user stories, use cases, and CDPs

[XCI-765] Create and review Group Management user stories, use cases, and CDPs Created: 08/14/2020  Updated: 07/01/2021

Status: Development
Project: XSEDE Cyberinfrastructure Integration
Component/s: Community Software Repository (CSR)
Fix Version/s: PY9 (Sep '19 - Aug '20), PY10 (Sep '20 - Aug '21)

Type: XCI Engineering Analysis Priority: Normal
Reporter: JP Navarro Assignee: Lee Liming
Resolution: Unresolved Votes: 0

Issue Links:
Associated bugs and stories
associated with XCI-691 COmanage Group Management phase 1/bet... Closed
relates to XCI-411 Plan and launch GRP-02, GRP-03 CDP ac... Proposed
relates to XCI-763 COmanage Group Management phase 2 of... Prepare Activity Plan
Target Operator:
XSEDE Enterprise Services
XSEDE Priority: 3.6
XSEDE Areas:
RACD Integration Services, RACD Security
Discussion Thread: https://software.xsede.org/discussion-forums/xci-765
Public activity link: https://software.xsede.org/display/xci-765
Devel Repository:
Use Cases:
GRP-01: Researcher manages membership of a project group, GRP-02: Manually create a group, GRP-03: Manually view or manage the configuration or membership of a group, GRP-05: Invite members to a group, GRP-06: Request membership in a group, GRP-10: Automate a group's configuration, GRP-12: Use groups to control access within a resource, GRP-14: Use a group to control access within an application, GRP-15: Use a group for task assignments within an application, GRP-16: Use a group for email distribution
Effort and Costs:
Staff Name (Lastname, Firstname) Effort (person weeks) Roles or Contributions
Liming, Lee 0.8 Lead activity (required)
Koranda, Scott 0.4 Review user stories and use cases; help prepare CDPs
Navarro, JP 0.2 Participate and contribute as directed by lead
Basney, Jim 0.2 Participate and contribute as directed by lead
Hart, Dave 0.2 Participate as appropriate for XRAS impact
Froeschl, Leslie 0.1 Identity user stories along with other PO and PM staff
TBD 0.1 TBD community group management participants
Due by Activity Deliverable
10-31-2020 Phase 1/beta published use cases and CDPs in CSR
04-30-2021 Phase 2 published use cases and CDPs in CSR
10-31-2021 Phase 3 published use cases and CDPs in CSR
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Planned Launch Date:
Actual Launch Date:
Planned Design Review Date:
Planned Test Readiness Review Date:
Planned Complete Date:
Activity Lead: Lee Liming Lee Liming
Lead Tester: Shava Smallen Shava Smallen


This activity defines the requirements foundation for implementing of COManage Group Management phase1/beta by creating and updating user stories, use cases, and CDPs, reviewing them with relevant stakeholders, and publishing them to the CSR and IDEALS. This activity will subsequently review and update user stories, use cases, and CDPs as appropriate for Group Management implementation phases 2 and 3 in 2021.


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