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[#XCI-116] Enable SPs to publish about software in Community Software Areas (CSA)

[XCI-116] Enable SPs to publish about software in Community Software Areas (CSA) Created: 05/25/2017  Updated: 08/22/2018

Status: Backlog
Project: XSEDE Cyberinfrastructure Integration
Component/s: Information Publishing Framework (IPF)
Fix Version/s: PY7 (Sep '17 - Aug '18)

Type: New Feature Priority: Critical
Reporter: JP Navarro Assignee: Eric Blau
Resolution: Unresolved Votes: 0

XSEDE Areas:
RACD Integration Services
XSEDE Priority: -
Public activity link: https://software.xsede.org/display/xci-116
Use Cases:
RC-03: Install software and/or data on a resource for use by a research community, SPI-07: Enable a research community to install software or data on a resource


XSEDE SPs publish information about the software they install and support for users. This information comes from software modules and includes software name, version, description, access method, categories, keywords, etc. Enhance this publishing mechanism so that SPs that host community software areas (CSAs) can on request from a CSA owner also publish information from software modules in a CSA. This enhancement must enable the SP and CSA owners to identify who supports each component: the SP or the CSA owner. CSA owners may choose to publish information thru this mechanism, or thru any other mechanism.