The xdinfo XSEDE Information Service Discovery Thin Client


The xdinfo tool provides command line search and display of XSEDE's Information Service content:

It can run on any computer that can communicate via the internet with,
and is designed to run on any Unix, Mac, or Windows computer with a basic Perl installation.

Installing xdinfo

The xdinfo tool is already installed in the default user environment on these XSEDE resources:

XSEDE resources with xdinfo

To use xdinfo everywhere else, such as your laptop, desktop, or on any computer where you have shell access, download it from here:

XSEDE resource operators can install the xdinfo package as explained here:

Using xdinfo

This documentation augments information in the command "xdinfo help"
and was last revised for Version 1.3 Release 2.

Basic command

The basic xdinfo command syntax is:

xdinfo <information_type> [<match_string>] [options]
Use "xdinfo help" to see some "information_type" and "match_string" examples. Various "options" follow.

Selecting resources

The "on <match_string>" command line option filters information by resource:
xdinfo gridftp on stampede
xdinfo gridftp on gordon
The "at <match_string>" command line option filters information by site ('sdsc' in this example):
xdinfo gridftp at sdsc
The "local" command line option filters information for the local resource (determined by the xdresourceid tool):
xdinfo local gridftp
The "global" command line option shows information for all resources:
xdinfo global gridftp

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