Any details?

I feel like I may be missing something, as the only details I can find are the ones in the "Description" section.  If that's all there is at this stage, that's fine; just making sure I'm not missing a document or something.


Plan looks fine to me.  We might just add a few words about testing.  I.e., that since this is not an external facing service, we will be not be doing formal testing and instead will be using xdusage and other components to test out the instructions and make improvements as needed.

Launch approval

This plan looks fine to me, assuming that the "Proposed Implementation Selection Evaluation" deliverable is the report from an evaluation of available tools & services for building out the repository and includes a recommendation for what to use in the design.



I am giving sign off but I just wanted to reconfirm that the XCI team is going to be generating the technical content and passing it to Susan so she is not responsible for creating the technical content.



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