Sep 12 2017 VC on Globus Toolkit Support Changes

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Sep 12 2017 VC on Globus Toolkit Support Changes

As a follow-up to our PEARC17 BOF, we invite you to a community videoconference session on Tuesday September 12 from 14:00-17:00 UTC (09:00-12:00 CDT) to discuss impacts, plans, and status regarding the January 2018 End-of-Support for the Globus Toolkit. The goals of the videoconference are to 1) share updates from XSEDE and other research infrastructures and 2) provide an opportunity for community discussion.

We invite representatives from research infrastructures to give updates during this session. Please contact using "Subject: Globus Toolkit Support Changes" to be added to the agenda.

Videoconference connection details will be posted to this forum in advance of the session. Please check back for updates.

We'll be using Skype for Business on Sep 12. When ready, please visit the following URL to join:

If you don't often use Skype for Business, I recommend doing a connection test in advance to confirm the web app works for you.

The session will include representatives from EGI, Globus, LIGO, OSG, PRACE, SGCI, and XSEDE. All are welcome!

Tentative Agenda:

Topic Speaker(s)
14:00 / 09:00 Welcome Jim Basney (XSEDE)
14:05 / 09:05 Globus Toolkit: End of Support Steve Tuecke (Globus)
14:20 / 09:20 Updates from Research Infrastructures Lee Liming (XSEDE)
Nancy Wilkins-Diehr and Marlon Pierce (SGCI)
Frank Scheiner and Björn Schembera (PRACE)
Peter Solagna (EGI)
Derek Weitzel (OSG)
Peter Couvares and Warren Anderson (LIGO)
16:00 / 11:00 Community Discussion JP Navarro (XSEDE), moderator

Please visit for materials from the VC and other XCI-127 activities.

Here are a few slides I'll be sharing regarding XSEDE's planning processes, and also an overview of the results of XSEDE's impact analysis.

Video now available:

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