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XCI-628 Testing Discussions

Post testing feedback as replies in this forum topic.

Delivery Effort Stage: 

Greetings - a couple of things:

1) Is it possible to float anything tagged as "Featured" to the top? Those are the official featured images curated by the Jetstream team

2) The pattern matching in searches might need some adjusting. I searched on "Tensorflow" and found the appropriate images. I searched using just "tensor" (which is likely what users would do) and it found zero results. I also tried "tensor*" and that failed as well. Likewise searching on "mat" -- should have returned things with "Matlab" but did not. A search using "matlab" as the whole word did. 

3) Maybe with the providers, note their resources? I'm not sure all users think about Jetstream being "owned" by IU-PTI or Bridges by PSC...though maybe they do? It's just a thought. 

I do really like the overall interface and idea, though. This really could make life much easier for researchers!

More things if I think of them.

Hey Jeremy,

Re 1) we have an easy way to implement default ranking when user's don't enter any terms. We could easily do that when the user has narrowed the search to Type "Cloud Image" but hasn't specific search terms. Would that be good enough for now? In other words, if a user enters search terms, the terms would control ranking and "Featured" would not be a factor (either in Cloud Image or general searching).

Re 2) I've started investigating prefix searching

Re 3) Yeah, we're trying to add "resource name" as a faceting element

Thanks for the feedback,





I went and took a look again after the two comments (also thanks for the email -- I apparently was not subscribed to get updates!) and 1 and 2 work like I would want/expect. 

#3 is a "nice to have" - the fact that you made 1 and 2 work so quickly is fantastic!




Item 1) is done. When querying only Cloud Images and the user doesn't enter any search terms, the Keyword contains featured images will be first.

Item 2) is done. We now support ONE wildcard search term with an "*" anywhere in the term

Item 3) is going to take more time to implement.

Thanks again for the feedback.

While reviewing Susan's testing results we observed that an option to return Descriptions as HTML would be helpful to make links clickable and provide other highlighting features.

Shava and JP

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