XCI-339 Launch review feedback

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XCI-339 Launch review feedback

Please post launch review feedback under this topic.

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This looks good from UII and approved.

I cannot commit to two weeks of my time on this activity. I'm pretty sure it won't be necessary, either? This sort of thing can be done with requests to support@globus.org, with possible escalation to Globus's product management team if there are any questions about the technical approach. I can probably commit to two days of my effort if something goes wrong or if there are tricky technical questions to wrangle, but two weeks seems excessive.

I can't speak for Jim, but I have the same concern re: *six weeks* of his time. (If this takes a month and a half of Jim's time, something is horribly wrong.)

6 weeks is the default in the Jira template. Changed it to 2. Hope that's all that's needed.

Changed Lee's allocation to 2 days. Appreciate any help I can get. Hoping Lee can help me with the "possible escalation to Globus's product management team" since Lee works for Globus and I don't.

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