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Products - Source Repositories

The Source Repositories item on the Products page (and in the Products menu) should have a landing page that doesn't require authentication to view and that provides a description of what it is (contents, purpose) and who should have access.

  1. Anyone should be able to find out what it is without having to authenticate to another site.
  2. The single link that's provided now isn't all that's available, is it?
    1. Some parts of this SVN tree are available without authentication. Ones I'm aware of:
      1. xsede/xci/inputs link
      2. xsede/xci/plans/ link
    2. There are other SVN trees available, aren't there? Ones I'm aware of:
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Note also the we labeled this product using the term XSEDE (XSEDE Source Repositories) because we're not offering Source Repositories or Resource Integration Status as general RSP features.

So, we could create a Portal Product (feature) called Community Specific Home Pages, where we create an XSEDE Specific Page that contains pointers to our source repositories and resource integration status. We could eventually give communities the ability to create their own RSP Landing Page that contains internal and external links to software stuff of interest to them...

We'll create an XSEDE page that lists and distinguishes between public source repos and those that require authentication.


The point I was trying to make was that we shouldn't have links on the RSP that require authentication just to see what it is.  Folks are going to be wandering around the RSP seeing what there is to see, and if they click a link to find out what something is, and it immediately requires a login, they're going to be annoyed. Some of these people aren't going to know whether they ought to have an ID/password for it or not. Instead, there should be a public landing page that explains that access to this thing is limited to (whatever it is), and explains how people in that category can get registered.

We decided to move the XSEDE repo links to a new XSEDE Community page. JP will edit this page and add more descriptive text so that readers will know what the repository links are and how authentication for them works.

This has been done. We have a new XSEDE Community Software Portal page. Content that requires authentication has been moved to a section at the bottom.

I noted in the RSP Feedback Summary (todo) list to replace all references to with references to this new page.

Feedback welcome.


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