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Deployment plan feedback

Recommend the deployment plan be explicit about all the workflows that SPs should configure and run, including the job events workflow.

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So, I think the configure script creates all of the needed workflow files, correct?  If an SP doesn't have all running, I would assume that's a misconfiguration, correct?

The configure script presents the SP with some choices about what to run--some workflows are optional (job events, for example), and some workflows have configurable periodicity.  So yes, the deployment plan should discuss the cirucumstances in which the SP should run job events.  

I've added a requirement that all SPs configure all 4 workflows described in install guide.  Is that the case or are there different requirements for Level 3 or Level 2 providers?

My recommendation which should be reviewed with Victor:

  • Software Module workflow: all Level 1, 2 and SPs that offer login and batch computing
  • Network Services workflow: all Level 1, 2, and SPs that operate login or GridFTP services
  • Batch System workflow: all Level 1, 2, and SPs that offer batch computing
  • Batch Scheduler Job Event workflow: all Level 1 and SPs that offer XSEDE allocated batch computing


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