XSEDE Capability Delivery Plan for "SPI-06: Emergency account suspension"

Use Case SPI-06: Emergency account suspension

Area: Community Building
URLs: Public, Review

Executive Summary: While responding to an account compromise, a community member needs to temporarily prevent a specific community user identity from being used on community resources and services.

URLs: Public
First CDP: 2017-05-03
Current CDP: 2019-01-31
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This capability is currently supported by the following 2 components:
User facing? Component’s role in the capability
yes Security staff have documented emergency account suspension procedures at https://confluence.xsede.org/display/XT/Account+suspension+and+reactivation+procedures, including a record of suspended account statuses.
yes According to the XSEDE Security Playbook (http://hdl.handle.net/2142/89759), XSEDE Security Operations currently manages/tracks account suspensions and other incident response activities via the XSEDE Ticket System.