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XSEDE Capability Delivery Plan for "SPI-05: Active account information"

Use Case SPI-05: Active account information

Area: Community Building
URLs: Public, Review

Executive Summary: An XSEDE staff member needs to obtain a list of all resources and services on which a specific XSEDE user identity has an active account.

URLs: Public
First CDP: 2017-06-06
Current CDP: 2019-01-31
Current Implementation Status: 
Discussion Forums: 
Significant Revisions:
This capability is currently supported by the following 2 components:
Component User facing? Component’s role in the capability
XSEDE Central Database (XCDB) no allows staff to search for users by First/Last Name, username, and project.
XSEDE User Portal (XUP) yes The XUP User Query interface at allows XSEDE staff to search for user information based on one or more of the XSEDE username, Email address, and First and/or Last names, using full or partial search strings for these fields.