XSEDE Capability Delivery Plan for "IAAS-1: Request to use an IaaS host for research"

Use Case IAAS-01: Request to use an IaaS host for research

Area: Scientific Computing
URLs: Public, Review

Executive Summary: A researcher or science gateway developer needs to request access to an IaaS hosting service. If the request is approved, the user will be authorized to use the hosting service.

First CDP: 2018-08-24
Current CDP: 2018-08-24
Current Implementation Status: 
Time & Effort Summary: 

No effort or changes are proposed at this time.

This capability is currently supported by the following 3 components:
Component User facing? Component’s role in the capability
AMIE no The AMIE messaging service transmits allocation changes (including new allocations) to Service Provider (SPs) so that the SPs can configure the accounting systems for their allocated resources.
XSEDE Central Database (XCDB) no The XSEDE Central Database (XCDB) stores all data related to active allocations.
yes The XSEDE User Portal (XUP) is XSEDE's primary web interface. The Allocations (XRAS) feature in XUP provides the user interface for submitting allocation requests. For specific resources, it also provides an expedited "trial allocation" feature that gives users immediate access for limited use.