XSEDE Capability Delivery Plan for "DM-15: Transfer data between a researcher's cloud storage and a community storage system"

Use Case DM-15: Transfer data between a researcher's cloud storage and a community storage system

Area: Scientific Data
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Executive Summary: A researcher transfers data between a community storage system and the researcher’s commercial cloud storage, e.g., Google Drive, Box, Microsoft OneDrive, etc.

First CDP: 2020-11-25
Current Implementation Status: 
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Connecting cloud storage to Globus endpoints requires a subscription add-on. XSEDE's Globus subscription does not have any cloud storage add-ons, so this feature isn't available via XSEDE. Individual XSEDE service provides may already have subscriptions that may or may not include cloud storage add-ons.

Significant Revisions:
  • 2020-11-25 14:06 (current revision)
This capability is currently supported by the following 2 components:
Component User facing? Component’s role in the capability
Globus Connect Server no With a Globus subscription add-on, a service provider who operates a Globus Connect Server endpoint can enable authorized users of the endpoint to connect their cloud storage to Globus, enabling Globus transfers to/from the cloud storage. The Globus Connect Server acts as a gateway to the user's cloud storage, so there is a data channel connection between the Globus Connect Server and the other end of the transfer, and a separate (cloud-specific) channel between the Globus Connect Server and the user's cloud storage. Data passing through the Globus Connect Server system is not written to the server's disk storage: it only passes through the server's active memory buffers. A subscription add-on is required for the specific type of storage (e.g., Google Drive, AWS S3, Box, etc.). XSEDE's subscription does not currently include any such add-ons.
Globus Transfer yes Globus provides the web application, command-line interface, and APIs that allow researchers to request and monitor transfers between Globus endpoints.