Community Software Areas (CSAs) give software providers the ability to install and share software on XSEDE allocated resources.

To support a Community Software Area on your resource:

  1. Mark support in RDR. Within your RDR Compute Sub-Resource:
    1. Set the “Community Software Area (CSA) Support” flag to True
    2. Set the “CSA E-mail” for users to request CSA areas or support (can be or some other e-mail)
    3. Enter a “CSA Feature User Description” that informs potential and current CSA software owners important details like space quotas and if you backup CSAs.
  2. Upgrade to IPF 1.4 or newer, latest recommended
  3. Set up CSA base directory(ies)
  4. Publish modules if CSA owners request it: IPF Module Publishing documentation.

User documentation for CSAs can be found at